Basic Editing with Adobe Audition

Get up and running by learning the basics of Waveform editing in Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition is a powerful tool to used to create engaging professional audio content.

Key Concepts

  • Use the Simple Editing workspace to get access to standard editing tools it can be found under
    • Window>Workspace>Simple Editing
  • Hit the Spacebar to play and pause playback
  • Use the J, K, and L keys to playback and pause
    • Tap the J key to play backward 100% speed
    • Tap the J key again to play backward 200% speed
    • Tap the K key to pause
    • Tape the L key to play forwards 100% speed
    • Tap the L key again to play forwards 200% speed
Monday, August 19, 2019
Authored By:

Brian Puente

Brian Puente
Brian Puente
Support Specialist, Adobe Creative Cloud

Steve Bayless

Steve Bayless
Steve Bayless