Adobe Stock


Adobe Stock- Unlimited Image Downloads Without Requests!

Adobe Stock provides University of Arizona students, faculty and staff with access to millions of high-quality, royalty-free images and assets for their courses and creative projects.

Adobe Stock Image licenses are available to all licensed Creative Cloud users on campus.  Read more below about usage restrictions for licensed images.

You must have an Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) account with the University of Arizona in order to request Stock. If you do not already have an account, please sign up for Adobe CC. Requests must be made by individuals with University of Arizona NetIDs and email addresses.

Please review the Adobe Stock license Restrictions below before requesting your Stock Credits:

Adobe Stock License Restrictions

An Adobe Stock license allows you to use your asset anywhere in the world, and the license never expires.

You may use the asset in print, presentations, broadcasts, websites, and on social media sites. However, you may not share or distribute the asset in any way that would let others use the asset without licensing it themselves.

Standard License

Adobe Stock images cannot be used prominently in merchandise or products for resale.

University of Arizona's Adobe Enterprise account allows faculty, staff, and students to access standard images under a Standard License, which has limited conditions for use. Extended licenses cannot be made available.

With a Standard license, you may:

  • Reproduce up to 500,000 copies of the asset in product packaging, printed marketing materials, digital documents, or software.
  • Include the asset in email marketing, mobile advertising, or a broadcast program if the expected number of viewers is fewer than 500,000.
  • Post the asset to a website with no limitation on viewers. If the asset is used in an editorial manner, attribution is required in this format (© Author Name – Visit the Adobe Stock website for additional editorial and usage restrictions.
  • Include the asset in products in a minor way, such as in a textbook.

With a Standard license, you may not:

  • Create merchandise or products for resale or distribution where the main value of the product is associated with the asset itself. For example, you can’t use the asset to create a poster, t-shirt, or coffee mug that someone would buy specifically because of the asset printed on it.
  • Include the asset in email marketing, mobile advertising, or a broadcast program if the expected number of viewers is greater than 500,000, so these are not licensed for use on billboards, bus wraps, mass mailers and things of that nature.