First Look: Premiere Pro

Beginner tutorial for navigating and using Premiere Pro.


Quick 7 minute tutorial for beginners explaining how to import files, navigate Premiere Pro, splice, and export. 

Key takeaways:

  • Different workspaces allow certain workflows to be easier
  • Save frequently 
  • The source panel shows a "preview" of footage in the project panel
  • Footage is composed/spliced in the timeline panel
  • The program panel shows what is currently on the timeline
  • The timeline is what is ultimately rendered and exported 

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • L - play/fast-forward footage (by pressing multiple times)
  • K - pause/play footage 
  • J - rewind footage (can be ramped up by pressing multiple times)
  • CMD/CTRL + S - save progress
  • - add in
  • O - add out 
  • V - selection tool
  • - razor tool 
  • B - ripple edit tool


Friday, September 6, 2019
Guest Author:
Eryc Rodriguez
Former Adobe Student Consultant