Color Replacement 2 ways

We will learn two different methods of for changing colors in images using Photoshop.

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Method 1:

Color Replacement Tool-

Nested under the Brush Tool, the Color Replacement tool allows you to easily change the color of object by painting directly on them. The downside is that this is a destructive tool, meaning that your changes are final. With this tool you will

  • select the color you want to replace
  • next select a color using the color picker,
  • then size your brush in the brush menu or using the bracket keys " [ " or " ] " and begin painting.

This can be great for fixing changing the color of something small in your image, but there may be  stronger, faster tools for dealing with a large area with more varied shades of the same color.

Method 2:

Selecting and Changing Color Ranges-

Selecting Color Ranges can be a great way to grab objects of similar colors and select them all at once, saving you a lot of start up time.

First create a new layer then from the top menu go to Select - Color Range.

Select the color you want to want to replace with the eye dropper tool.

  • You can use the fuzziness to adjust the color range
  • You can also use the "+" and "-" eye dropper tools to add and remove color from your selection

Next add a new Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer. You can now use the sliders in the Hue and Adjustment menu.

Quick Tip: To make additional changes to your mask you can simply paint in the areas you want to add with white or remove the area you do not want with black with the mask selected.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Authored By:

Brian Puente

Brian Puente
Brian Puente
Support Specialist, Adobe Creative Cloud